"every one can code " -> coding phobia

How to overcome your fear of coding(coding phobia)?

First fear of coding comes from statements like these. Coding is really difficult.All programmers out there they are genius. Well some how these are true .But coding is not that much difficult nor all programmers are genius. Some people are born to code for example :- MARK ZUKERBURG” ,”BILL GATES e.t.c .Others have to struggle .

Coding is just like learning a language . A language through which you can talk to a computer . It feels really amazing when you think about something and you can build it .Coding gives you this superpower.

5 ways to overcome fear of coding

Here i will be sharing some tips to or way to over come your fear of coding. You can start implementing these tips to overcome your fear of coding.

1. Start learning

Don’t be afraid of programming just start learning one Programming language.Whether it is c++, java , Javascript , PHP , or HTML .And build something with that knowledge you acquired . This will boost your energy.

2. Find a Good resource

Find a resource where you can learn programming . It can be a book, forum, online course or a Bootcamp. Find a good resource so that you will be sure that you are getting right knowledge . what i will suggest try udemy I have learnt a lot from their online course . An other resource for leaning web development is Traversy Media youtube channel .You can find more resources if you will search on internet. If you are getting good knowledge you will be able to overcome fear of coding.

3.focus on one programming language

Focus on one programming language . Don’t jump to another language until you are comfortable with one programming language . Mistake that beginners make is they jump to other language without understanding basics of one programming language .Or they try to jump to a framework this is a big no . please focus on one programming language before jumping to other one.

4. Don’t try to master something

Once You are comfortable with one language it’s time to learn a new language . Don’t stick to one language .Don’t try to master it . This can take years to get 100% of a programming language . As world of programming is changing everyday you can not to stay behind . try to Learn new things .

5. Find a Mentor

Try to find a mentor . If you are lucky and able to find a mentor you are good to go . A programmer with experience of 5 to 10 years in field can guide you much better than any thing . once you find him or her try asking some question. Our community of coding is very helpful . They will be more than happy to answer your queries .


I hope you will start leaning programming .Go to forums for your queries For example stack overflow where thousands of programmers are available to help you with your question. Use google to find solution .And kick out your fear of coding.

If you have any Question feel free to ask in Comments.

Best Of Luck

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